Juncker and MEP's …. toilet paper (pic)

Latest PR stunt by a MEP generates 15 minutes of fame…

European Parliament deputy Gianluca Buonanno unleashed an acrimonious attack against EC President Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday after the latter addressed a plenary session.

Buonano, who belongs to the Europe of Nations and Freedom grouping in the EP, called on Juncker to resign and accused him of promoting German hegemony in Europe.

“This flag is a German one, and this one is that of the EU. I do not want to die a German”, the MEP said. “It is either Germany or Europe … Germany cannot be the boss of all of Europe”.

Addressing the former Luxembourg PM directly, Buonanno compared the EC President’s job with a piece of …toilet paper he was holding! “You must resign and apologize to Greece”, he said.