Le Monde: Third party in a regulator role in Greece

The French government precludes the possibility of a one-party government

French newspaper Le Monde reports that the party that comes third following the Greek national elections on January 25 will play a “strategic” role. The report states that the French government precludes the possibility of a one-party government, which is why one of the three first parties will be called to play the role of regulator in Greece. Looking at the numbers, Le Monde estimates that the centrist Potami party may come third, although there is always the possibility that the ultranationalist Golden Dawn or Greek Communist Party (KKE) may also gather the required support.

The French newspaper makes a reference in the history of the party led by former journalist Stavros Theodorakis, as well as the electoral process in Greece. The newly-formed party of former socialist PASOK prime minister George Papandreou is also mentioned in the article that estimates that it may gather 2.5% but is most likely to not make an entry to Greek Parliament.

The French newspaper also wonders how the situation in Greece would have been if Citi investors were in Athens instead of London. One thing is for certain according to the article, that investor’s view in the economy of Greece would be different. Today the investors influencing Greece live and work in Great Britain, while they speak the language which helps them to understand the local reality much better.

“Two weeks before the high risk elections in Greece, nervousness returns across the eurozone”, stresses the French newspaper Le Monde.