Macron and Tsipras at Niarchos Foundation

Two politicians heading a meeting with French and Greek business community

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras and French President Emmanuel Macron have arrived at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation where a closed meeting with members of the Greek and French business community is scheduled to take place. Mr. Tsipras showed Mr. Macron around the Foundation premises while both politicians walked up to the emblematic lighthouse. Both leaders expect to take something from the meeting, with the Greek PM hoping to ensure a collaboration with French investors in an effort to boost the weary Greek economy. “We have agreed to cooperate in the field of investment. Greece has priority areas that French businesses are interested in. I welcome the presence of 40 French entrepreneurs, the agreement on the port of Thessaloniki and the agreement of Greek and French clusters in new technologies ”, Mr. Tsipras said. On his part, the French President hopes to advance his country’s plans to expand its presence in the fields of energy, arms sale and be awarded a strong stake in Greek infrastructures, capitalising on his country’s unwavering support to Greece during the crisis. In his address, Emmanuel Makron, who is continuing his visit to Athens, expressed his conviction that France will participate in Greece’s efforts to exit the crisis. “The issue is that we should act now. I can guarantee France’s support for reforms and also express my belief that the French will take part in this effort,” Mr Makron said, adding that “business groups in Greece continue to invest even when there are pressures to stop. “