Massive accusation from VP Pence: Feds sitting on evidence that would help Trump Admin

The entire race by Mueller and most of the left to undermine Trump may have been triggered by a false start

Can officials in Washington, D.C. be trusted to tell the whole truth and present facts plainly to the American people?

That’s a question that has perhaps never been more important, especially as people like Special Counsel Robert Mueller hold the power to sway the future of the country with surprisingly limited oversight.

For decades, citizens generally saw investigators and civil servants in Washington as working for the people — but what if that’s no longer true?

scathing Op-Ed piece by a vice president at The Hill, a well-regarded moderate news magazine, is suggesting that not all is as it seems inside the beltway.

On Wednesday, veteran investigative journalist John Solomon dropped a bombshell: Officials and the media may have hidden evidence exonerating Michael Flynn, and they may be planning to do the same for others.

Flynn, as you may remember, is a retired Army general who briefly served as national security adviser under President Donald Trump until a scandal rocked his tenure. Facing accusations that he misled the FBI and was “compromised” by Russia, the ex-general was forced to cut a deal with Mueller, presumably to help take down Trump.

But all is not what it seems. In his opinion piece, Solomon — who has built a career on exposing failures within the FBI and other agencies — pointed out that important evidence which would have defended Flynn was essentially swept under the rug.

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