Meimarakis: Tsipras the architect of the most painful memorandum

ND willing to cooperate with pro Europe parties to form a government

Evangelos Meimarakis, leader of Greek major opposition party, New Democracy (ND) called on all European powers to cooperate in order to solve the pressing problems facing the continent. In an interview to site, Meimarakis underlined the need for all Greek political parties supporting Greece’s European prospect to come together after the September 20 elections. Responding to a question of what he planned to do if his party came first in the elections, he said he would attempt to form a coalition government with himself at the helm. He continued by stressing that Greece needed political stability and a long term government to make the decisions necessary to in order to lead the country of its economic crisis. “Tsipras is the one who negotiated and voted the memorandum. He is the architect of the most painful memorandum”, said the opposition leader. He once more repeated the need for ‘national consent’ after the September elections among the political forces in the country, as the government that emerged after September 20 would be faced with a difficult task. Meimarakis clarified that he was against the recessionary measures of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, adding that he never made any reference to lay-offs in the public sector.