Merkel ready to alleviate Greek debt: Handelsblatt

German newspaper claims it has information from Merkel-Lagarde phone contact

German newspaper Handelsblatt reported that Chancellor Angela Merkel was ready to accept a possible debt relief for Greece, if Athens passed a series of additional measures. The newspaper claims it has information deriving from the phone contact between Mrs. Merkel and IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Thursday night that revolved around ways to solve the Greek issue. As the article says the Eurozone Finance Ministers had already agreed to alleviate the Greek debt in March of 2016 after the expiration of the bailout plan in 2018. The article claims the decision is still active, adding however, that the German Chancellor would be willing to give in to the Fund’s main demand of specifying debt relief measures as soon as possible. Handelsblatt continues by stressing the two ladies agreed to keep pressure on Greek PM Alexis Tsipras to fulfill all the terms in the bailout plan. Only when Athens has completed the necessary reforms and the second review has concluded, will any measures regarding debt relief be discussed, underlines the German publication.