Multiple fire fronts across Greece wreak havoc

The death toll could rise

Fires are raging uncontrolled across Greece devastating the country, as the reported death toll of 24 is expected to rise even further.

According to the latest information, the three major fronts from yesterday are still burning in Kineta, Neos Voutsas and Chania, with scattered smaller fronts firefighters retrying to contain.

Fires are also burning Kalamos, Corinth and Fthiotida, which so far do not appear to be threatening the residential area.

According to the Fire Department, currently, there are 74 vehicles with 150 firefighters operating in Kineta,17 hiking units, 20 water-carriers and four military vehicles. The fires in Kineta started yesterday at noon from a pine-covered area in the Gerania Mountains and spread rapidly, burning houses and vehicles in its path, resulting in the evacuation of entire settlements.

In Neos Voutzas and Mati, where most of the fatalities were recorded, the forces combatting the blaze have been considerably strengthened compared to yesterday. In particular, 190 firefighters with 96 vehicles, 23 hiking inits, 12 volunteer vehicles, 25 volunteers and 6 municipal vehicles are operating in the wider area where there are scattered fires.

The fire that broke out in Chania, Crete yesterday continues to burn with efforts to put it under control failing. According to, the flames from the fire in Kakopetros of the Municipality of Platania are visible from the regions of Chania, such as Halepa and Prophet Elias.

Around 2.30 am on Tuesday the fire resurged in the mountains between Kakopetros and Messavlia, as the southern winds picked up in intensity as the firefighters continued to fight the blaze through the night. Twenty-seven vehicles and 60 firefighters were on the spot, including a hiking unit.

Corinth is also engulfed in fires, as three fronts remain active. The three fire fronts are in the Sousaki region in Agios Theodoros, Zemeno in the municipality of Kiato and the Isthmia in the municipality of Loutraki. Fifteen firefighters and 7 vehicles are trying to put out the blaze in the region.

Meanwhile, a forest fire that broke out in the Kokkini Larymna area in the municipality of Lokron in Fthiotida is still burning.

According to the Fire department, 12 firefighters with 20 vehicles have been deployed to the site. However, in the wider area, there are other active fires where 20 firefighters, 10 vehicles and a unit of hikers have been dispatched.