Nazi memorabilia found at German army barracks

Probe ongoing

Numerous Nazi-era military awards, propaganda posters, and steel Wehrmacht helmets have been found at an army barracks in western Germany amid an ongoing investigation into an officer suspected of plotting a false-flag attack, Der Spiegel reported.
The bizarre discovery was made by Defence Ministry investigators in the town of Donaueschingen, which is the home base of the Franco-German brigade’s 292nd infantry battalion, the magazine reported, citing military investigators.
Posters glorifying the Wehrmacht – the Third Reich’s armed forces – were discovered inside the battalion’s briefing room, while Nazi-era steel helmets, known for their distinctive German design, were on display in front of the canteen, the newspaper said. A spokesperson for the German Defence Ministry confirmed to the country’s ARD broadcaster that some Wehrmacht-related items had, indeed, been found in the barracks. However, at this point, the investigators have found no relics, the possession of which is punishable under the German law, the spokesperson noted.
The items did not bear any illegal symbols such as swastikas, the official is reported to have said.