New footage from the ’74 Turkish atrocities in Cyprus: The bombing of Famagusta (videos)

The videos were posted by a Turkish user just the Turkish-Cypriot pseudo-state declared they will open & repopulate with settlers the “ghost city” of Famagusta

Two rare footages from the destroyed Famagusta as the city was left after the Turkish bombings in 1974, have surfaced on Thursday morning going viral in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.

The videos from the Operation Attila 2 on August 14th, 1974 were posted by a Turkish user just hours after the unthinkable announcements of the Turkish-Cypriot pseudo-state’s leadership about the opening of the “ghost city” of Famagusta and its repopulation with settlers and its conversion to new tourist “Las Vegas”.

The documentary shows British reporters who recorded dramatic pictures and testimonies immediately after the Turkish bombardment in Famagusta.

Viewers discretion is adviced.