Olympian god Poseidon “visits” his temple in Cape Sounion (incredible storm photos)

AFP Chief photographer Aris Messinis captures the force of nature

A large part of Greece has been in the grips of cyclone “Zorbas” for the past days, with many areas suffering damage and floods. Fortunately, no human casualties have been reported so far. The raw, destructive forces of nature can be a terrifying thing, but it also produces some incredible imagery, as renowned Chief photographer for AFP, Aris Messinis proved. Messinis snapped some impressive photos of waves crashing against the rocks at Cape Sounio, Attica where the Temple of Poseidon stands.
He wrote: “When “Poseidon” visits his temple!
Waves hit the cliffs in front of the ancient Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.”


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