Paris attack: Video shows moment of shooting (video)

Jihadist named Karim C. by French media

A video released by British Daily Mail shows the moment the 39-year-old Islamic terrorist opens fire against police in Paris. Police appear to be exchanging guns shots with the jihadist which led to the death of one police officer and two injuries. French media are reporting that the assailant’s name is Karim C, who goes by an alias “Abu Yusef the Belgian”. The attacker who was shot dead by French police, had been convicted to 20 years in prison in 2003 on charges of assault against police but was released a few years later. According to French La Parisien, Karim C. was born in France and live in a small town near the French capital. French TV Channel BFMTV reported that the shooter used the encrypted Telegram message system and had expressed his intention of killing police officers. French police raided his house after the attack and found weapons and ammunition.