Police scuffle with squatters in 3 evacuation operations in Athens (video-photos)

Eight taken into custody

Minor scuffles broke out between police forces and members of anti-authoritarian groups during three evacuation operations in downtown Athens on Wednesday morning.

Police succeeded in expelling squatters who were occupying buildings on Matrouzou, Panetoliou and Arvali streets.

On one occasion on 45 Matrouzou Street in Koukaki police officers had minor scuffles with anarchists who were inside the building resulting in the use of tear gas and flash bang grenades.

Special anti-riot squads were on the scene and clashed with members of anti-authoritarian groups who climbed onto the rooftop and started throwing stones, furniture pieces and fire extinguishers to repel the law officers.

After using flash grenades, police managed to enter the buildings shortly after 7:30.

A total of eight people – six Greeks and two foreigners – were taken into custody. Two of them were detained from the occupation of Matrozou street, three women and one man from the Panetolou Street building, and a man and woman from Arvali Street.