Samaras: We knew of the Grexit plan and we stopped them while Tsipras spoke of blackmailing them

An interview with the Prime Minister for PROTO THEMA newspaper

“Government stability or political anomaly” is the dilemma posed by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras one week before the crucial match of EU elections. The PM believes that “elections is not a referendum, but if the result enables some to cause instability, this could also have political consequences”.

He avoided commenting on the election campaign of his government counterpart, but he underlined that the government has already withstood difficult situations. He argued that after the elections “there is room for expanding parliamentary majority” and reiterated that his goal is to exhaust the four year term, while on the pitfall of electing a President of the Republic he sais that “Greece has many important figures who could serve in the highest office in order to avoid national elections which would hurt our country”. He also stated that the negotiations for debt sustainability will be done by Minister Y. Stournaras.

In an exclusive interview on PROTO THEMA newspaper, Mr. Samaras reveals what he discussed with the EC president Jose Barroso over the phone and describes what he asked from the head of the Commission, after the dramatic meeting of the then PM G. Papandreou with Merkel and Sarkozy in Cannes.


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The whole interview will be published this Saturday with this week’s PROTO THEMA newspaper