Shock: Jihadists bought Sotlof to decapitate him

According to the journalists family spokesman the Syrian rebels sold the 31year old American to the extremists of the Islamic State for 50.000 dollars

Just a few days after the murder of James Foley, the 2nd of September the Jihadists knife decapitated Steven Sotlof in the same heinous way.
Now, the family of Sotlof argues that the 31-year old was handed to the “moderate rebels’ over 50,000 dollars from the extremist Islamic State .

According to the family’s spokesman who spoke to a journalist of the American network CNN one of the rebels fighting against the Assad government in Syria informed the extremists IR that Sotlof had passed the Syrian border.
“Someone from the Border called IR. Then they set up a crowded fake checkpoint. Sotlof and those who were with him had no way of escape, “said the spokesman Barack Barf to the American network.

Further, he argued that the name of the 31 year old victim was in a suspect list for a hospital bombing.

“However, the information was false,” he added based on information from a local in Syria and said: “We believe that they sold him for 25,000-50,000 dollars to the IR.”

At the same time, the spokesman referred to the relations between Obama and the family of Sotlof by characterizing them “frozen” , since some of the statements by a representative of the American government were “baseless”.

Finally the spokesman gave a warning “We know that the White House and the intelligence agencies are involved in a wider game of bureaucracy and Jim and Steve are pawns in this game, something which is wrong and if the leaks continue Sotlof’s family will be forced to speak” .