SYRIZA vs. SYRIZA over solidarity movements occupying buildings

Groups occupy SYRIZA party offices throughout Greece

An internal party fight has broken out between SYRIZA’s political factions over the arrest by the Greek police, Wednesday, of the ’No Borders’ group members that had occupied three buildings in Thessaloniki. Several hours after the police operations that cleared the buildings from the squatters, SYRIZA issued an announcement expressing its opposition to the action by the Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection, Nikos Toskas, characterising the occupation of buildings ‘solidarity efforts’. Meanwhile, another internal political strain within the ruling party known as the ’53+’ also sided with the activists saying that the prosecution of the solidarity members should stop immediately. Another political movement within the party called ‘Prato’ (Act), of which Toskas is a member, responded by calling on SYRIZA’s press office to be more involved in responding to the statements by the Governor of the Bank of Greece on the Bank of Attica, instead of the Public Order Ministry, adding that Toskas was fulfilling his duties within the framework of the SYRIZA government. Toskas himself said in a radio interview that the occupiers could not do whatever they wanted adding they had no reason behind their actions. The police operations against the squatters has caused the spread of building occupations against SYRIZA offices and gatherings of antiauthoritarian and anarchist groups in Thessaloniki, Athens and other cities across Greece.