Telegraph: Greece ideal destination for families

The article says Greece offers a wide range of activities

Greece is the ideal family holiday destination, writes British Telegraph in its travel section.
The article presents a wide range of activities families can enjoy in conjunction with the unique climate of the country and its geographical landscape. The piece also points out the unique Greek hospitality, the country’s delicious cuisine and the historical wealth of Greece

The Telegraph advises parents with pre-school children to visit Greece during June or September to save money and avoid large crowds. For those whoa are compelled to schedule vacations based on school holidays, the piece recommends they opt for the island in the south of Greece, such as Crete, as they cater for visitors all year around and not only during the summer period.

From The Telegraph:

Greece, in many ways, is the ideal destination for families. There’s sun and sand and sea most places you go. There’s a particular friendliness, a hearty and child-friendly cuisine, and a wealth of history to explore.
A note on timing: while Greece is glorious in the summer months, if your children are pre-school age, it’s well worth considering a trip in June or September, to save money and avoid the crowds. If you’re tied to the school calendar, you might accomplish the same things by heading to one of the southern islands over the Whitsun half-term, when you’ll find plenty of sun and direct flights to places like Crete.
But with more than 200 inhabited islands and myriad options on the mainland, how can you find the perfect option? Here are 10 suggestions for each stage of your family’s life: