The 11 professions most in demand in Greece, according to SEV

The report was presented by the SEV Vice President today

The Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) released a report presenting the 11 professions it considers to have the highest prospects for full-time employment for job seekers under the current conditions in the Greek market.

The findings of the survey, presented during a press conference on Wednesday, suggests that the skill set of job seekers currently fail to meet the demands of industries in the economy.

These are the following specialties most sought-after in SEV companies:

Network and Database Engineer,
Software Development Engineer,
Technician of Computer Systems and Networks,
Industrial Installation Technician,
Automation Technician, Food Safety & Quality Management Officer,
Mining foreman,
Trade Promotion Officer,
Supply Chain Executive,
Electrical Systems, Installations & Networks Technician and
Project machinery operator.

The professions included in the survey employ more than 240,000 workers, almost all of them full-time, while research among SEV-member companies showed that:

* Salaries and employment in the said professions have increased significantly in recent years and this improvement has been achieved at a faster rate than in the whole economy,

* Businesses are having difficulty finding suitable human resources,

* Predictions of employment development are favourable for many of the 11 professions,

* They are at the forefront of technological development.


Speaking at the press conference, SEV President Theodore Fessas presented the Association’s initiative “New Skills and Occupations with the Future”, stressing that the structural problem of failures in our technical, technological and vocational education and training signals the shortcomings in our system and its failure to keep in line with today’s productive challenges.

As a result, he said, businesses are not finding the skills they are looking for and many of our fellow citizens are not finding a job. “It is indicative that 35% of the sample businesses in the SEV survey are unable to find the right workers and executives with the skills, while unemployment in our country remains the highest in Europe,” the SEV President noted.