The Greek Armed Forces on high alert (photos)

Greece sends message to every direction

The Greek Armed Forces are sending a clear message completing the large-scale diplomatic counterattack of Greece against Turkey, with the clear objective of increasing the cost of the Turkish absurdities.

The official photos that the Greek Defence Ministry has released show part of the fleet that has been operating in near the Turkish survey ship Oruc Reis.

As a high ranking Greek military source states, “our warplanes are on high alert in their squadrons, as Army formations have put their units on full alert. The provocative scenario set by the Turks twice lately against our sovereign rights is repeated a third time, now even closer to Kastellorizo, sending the Armed Forces back to the ramparts to face of the enemy threat. Only now our commanders, officers, crews and all the personnel of the armed forces, have in their quiver another weapon: the valuable experience of the recent past. Having fully assimilated the lessons of the double summer Turkish provocations and with the updated operational plans that determine the right reactions in each case, the Greek Armed Forces are fully prepared and fully determined to carry out their mission successfully and defend our sovereign interests”.

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