The Greek tourist revenue target will be between 14 to 14,3 Billion Euros for 2017

According to the Bank of Greece announcement

The tourist revenue that will be generated this year will be between 14 and 14,3 billion Euros according to SETE Intelligence’s estimates. This was included the announcement by the Bank of Greece for the eight-month tourist season, including August, the most critical month for Greek tourism.

The Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises estimates therefore that the revenues of 2017 will be close to 14 billion Euros, if the last four months of the year remain stable compared to last year. However, if they increase -something for which the Ministry of Tourism insists on- tourism revenues will reach 14,3 billion Euros, slightly below the target of 14,5 billion which had been set by SETE before the beginning of the summer season.

According to the data of the Bank of Greece, the increase in revenue in the eight months was 9,1% or 881 million Euros compared with last year, with August especially showing remarkable performance and an increase of 16,4% or 497 million Euros. At the same time, in these eight months the international arrivals increased at a rate of 9,9% or an additional 1,7 million visitors, while for August alone the corresponding growth rate was 14,3% or an additional 729.000 visitors.