Those who reject refugees are neither Greeks nor Christians, Orthodox Bishop says

The refugees are the icon of Christ he said during an interview on TV

“I cannot accept anyone who refuses to offer το refugees and immigrants. For me, he is neither Greek nor Orthodox. Orthodoxy cares for any person no matter where they come from. This is what Christ means. As long as we preach Christ this is what we will do it,” Metropolitan of Dimitriados and Almirou, Ignatius said in an interview to Alpha radio.

The Church leader added that Christ today was among the refugees and migrants. “This is the Christ we teach … We will be held accountable if we do not receive him. Only with this Christ can we truly celebrate Easter.”

“When I saw the chapels opening their doors in the islands for people to enter, it was the most sacred of acts. Even the physical icon, the wood, wherever we find it, we will take it in, clean it and place it in a good spot in our home.”, said Ignatius.

“Man is the same. Of course, there is pain, trouble. No matter how much the Greeks have been derided, now all eyes are on us saying the Greeks are humane,” Ignatios said.