Tomb of prominent ancient Greek woman discovered in Cycladic island of Sikinos (photos)

The name of the woman is Neiko

Archaeologists in Greece have made an exciting discovery at the Episkopi excavation site in Sikinos. The find is an ancient unlooted tomb of a prominent woman adorned with great treasures and jewellery. The find came to light during the restoration work of the Episkopi Monument that the Ministry of Culture and Sports has been carrying out since 2017 with the Cyclades Ephorate of Antiquities.
According to the Ministry of Culture’s statement: “The wealth of jewellery worn by the woman betrays that she was a prominent figure in the Sikinos society. From the tomb, golden wristbands, rings, a necklace, a brooch with a cameo relief, along with glass and metal vases, other smaller finds, as well as organic fragments of the costume of the dead, were wrapped around the grave.”
According to initial estimations, the impressive mausoleum was erected to house the woman’s grave, while the link between an unknown burial epigram to date from the monument revealed the female name “Neiko”.

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