Tourism revenue over 7 billion Euros, BoG provisional data shows

Arrivals up by double digit

Greek tourism recorded a double-digit rise in arrivals for the month of July, according to provisional balance of payments data released by the Bank of Greece (BoG). The data on the revenue front was not as strong, since there might have been an increase, but it was not as impressive as the arrivals. The percentage of non-citizen travelers to Greece stood at +10.2%, compared to the revenue (+5.3%) they generated in the month of July. The money brought in for the month translated into 2.925 billion euros, up in comparison to the 2.98 billion in 2016, but slightly down from 2015 (2.96 billion). The data showed that for the first 7-month period of 2017 (January-July), arrivals of non-citizens were up by 8% and the corresponding revenue by 6.4%. Based on the BoG data the total amount of revenue for the 7-month term exceeded 7 billion euros (7.036), against 6.6 billion over the same period in 2016m and 7.1 billion for 2015.