Tsipras proceeds to appoint new leadership to Greek Justice despite reactions! 

Will Pavlopoulos sign the Presidential Decree?

The Greek government decided to go ahead with its decision to appoint the new leadership of the Greek Justice proceeding in the run-up to the pre-election period despite the reactions of top constitutionalists and opposition parties.

The talks between the Prime Minister and his cabinet members lasted a total of four and a half hours. Upon leaving the cabinet meeting, ministers informed journalists that the new president of the Supreme Court will be Irene Kalou and the new prosecutor Dimitra Kokotini.

The appointment of the new Supreme Leadership will come into force on July 1, as the current Supreme Court leadership retires on 30 June.

At present, it is unclear whether the Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos will ratify with his signature the Presidential Decree for the appointment of the judges who will occupy these crucial positions.

This is because all the opposition parties and most of the constitutionalists have emphasized that since the Prime Minister announced snap elections, he admitted that he did not have the confidence of the electorate and hence he does not have the legitimacy to go ahead with the appointment of a new leadership of the Greek Justice system.