Turkey sends frigate to Cyprus oil rig, in a new show of provocation

Naval ship sent to monitor operation of drilling in area, Turkish media report

Turkey is escalating its provocations in the area of Cyprus, as Turkish media report that a military frigate was sent near plot 11 where drilling ship “West Capella” has started operations for the exploration of natural resources. According to Turkish media outlets CNN Turk, Haberturk and Sozcu, the Turkish General Staff or Armed Forces issued statement saying that Turkish frigate “Gokceade” (Imvros), was sailing to the region to monitor the the ongoing operations of the West Capella oil rig. On Wednesday, July 12 West Capella drilling ship anchored at plot 11 within the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) to commence drilling at the “Oinisiforos” deposit. The Cypriot Ministry of Energy officially announced the start of exploration drilling of in block 11 with the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) at the “Onesifiros-West 1” target, which is expected to last for 75 days. The statement said the drilling rights were conceded to the joint consortium of Total E& P Cyprus B.V Eni Cyprus Limited. Cypriot Foreign Minister Giannakis Kasoulides assured that all precautionary measures had been taken at a diplomatic level in view of the drilling of in the designated region. Mr Kasoulides said he believed Ankara would not cross the “red line”.