Turkish journalist defends Greek player Sloukas

“Your comments are unacceptable. Curse those awful tweets”

As it is known, the Greek basketball player Kostas Sloukas did not hold the banner along with his other teammates in honour of Kemal Atatourk, resulting in a variety of negative reactions from Fener fans and even from players such as Semih Erden.

The Sloukas himself said that after 6 years in the team he can not be told that he did not show respect. Obradovic’s assistant coach and some Fener’s fans took his side.

This time it was the turn of well-known Hurriyet journalist Ertugrul Ozkiok to take the side of the Greek player by writing

“The wild races on social media have now attacked my favorite Fenerbahce basketball player Kostas Sloukas. Because they say, he did not keep the banner for Kemal’s Remembrance Day on November 10! If it’s ever possible! What minds these are! Who are you to request an apology? Sloukas is more Fenerbahce than Fenerbahce’s players. He is the best player. He has been playing for 6 years. He is perfect in his manner, style and morals. He has become part of Constantinople. Your comments are unacceptable. Curse those awful tweets”.