Turkish national arrested at Evros deported to Turkey

He was arrested for illegal entry into Greece

A Turkish national who was arrested by Greek police in the region of Evros on the northeastern borderline of Greece and Turkey in the Evros region after illegally crossing into Greek territory was deported to Turkey on Saturday.  Musa Alerik, 38, who worked as an excavator operator for the council of Adrianople, was being held at the Orestiada Police station until the formal procedures for his for his release were completed.

The man crossed into Turkey at approximately 4pm. It should be noted that that the Greek court has imposed a five-month suspended prison sentence and fine of EUR 1,500 for his illegal entry into Greece.

Comparisons between the case of Musa Alerik, who was released in a matter of less than a week, and the two Greek servicemen, second Lieutenant Mitretoudis and sergeant Kouklatzis who have been in a high-security Turkish prison for 66 days without trial or a formal charge against them are inevitable.