Turkish President: Greek economy is sinking, roads are falling apart

Erdogan attacks Greece and credit rating agencies

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan unleashed a new attack against Greece, deriding the country for the state of its infrastructure. In a speech at the Ankara Chamber of commerce, Erdogan criticised the global credit rating agencies for downgrading the Turkish economy, contrasting the way they had upgraded Greece, a country he dubbed “bankrupt” and “finished”.
“Our neighbour Greece has gone bankrupt, finished, yet they [credit rating agencies] raised its rating fourfold. These [Greece] people have sunk, collapsed, are you able to save them by raising its rating? Look at their streets & see how [terrible] they are now”, he said.

The Turkish President used the state of the dilapidated roads in Greece as an example to support his claims.
Speaking of the Turkish economy, he argued it would be in better condition after June 24 (election date in Turkey). “So far no one has regretted investing in Turkey and will not regret it,” the Turkish president added.