Turkish radar demands Greek army General in flight leave “Turkish airspace’ in latest provocation

Incident a continuation in a string provocations against Greece

In the latest incident of Turkish provocation against Greece, a coastal radar in western Turkey demanded a Greek military helicopter carrying the commander of the Higher Military Domestic and Island Command (ASDEN), general Nikos Manolakos over the island of Panagia to disrupt its course. The Turkish radar personnel repeatedly urged the Greek helicopter to change course as they claimed it was violating Turkish airspace. The Greek commander was inspecting Greek military island guards. While the helicopter was over the area of Oinousses-Panagia islands it was immediately contacted by ground radar in Turkey to leave as it was “violating Turkish airspace”. The helicopter pilots then relayed the information to the general who ordered them to ignore the requests and continue their flight path. The Turkish political and military establishment has substantially increased its provocations against Greece leading up to the April 16 referendum in Turkey, which will decide whether Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will concentrate even more executive powers.