US Embassy: Decision to release terrorist Savvas Xiros a “disservice to memory of victims”

The legal representative of the “November 17th” terrorist group submitted a request for his release

The US Embassy in Athens commented on the decision by Greek authorities to release convicted terrorist of November 17th, Zavvas Xriros before his sentence is over, saying it was a “disservice to the memory” of the American mission members and their families.
One day after Xiros’s lawyer submitted a request for his early release, the US Embassy in Athens, posted on its social media accounts the names of the victims of the terrorist organisation and noted that his release would provoke the memory of the victims but also their families.

“A decision to let Savvas Xiros out of prison before serving his sentence as handed down by the Greek justice system would be a disservice to the memory of the American mission members he killed and their families”.