Weather warning issued by Greek Meteo Services

Weather to deteriorate from Sunday

The Greek Meteorological Services (EMY) has issued a weather alert for a sudden deterioration starting on Sunday afternoon.
The bulletin forecasts heavy rain and storms for the northern Ionian area and Epirus, with the phenomena gradually affecting the whole of western Greece and western Peloponnese.
The extreme weather phenomena are predicted to expand eastwards from Monday, with the regions of eastern Macedonia, Thrace and possibly islands ion the eastern Aegean Sea, the Dodecanese and western Crete. From Monday afternoon the phenomena are expected to fade.

For the region of Attica, EMY forecasts for Saturday include a partly cloudily day with northern winds between 4-5 Beaufort, while for the region and city of Thessaloniki, clouds will heavier with limited visibility in some areas in the morning and late hours.