What is going to happen with Greece’s Macedonian Brands after the deal with FYROM?

What will the side-effects of the agreement

Following the Greece-FYROM deal, commercial names, trademarks and brand names referring to ‘Macedonia’ must be exclusively Greek, a leading businessman has said.

The head of the Union of Hellenic Chambers and the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Konstantinos Michalos, said ‘Macedonian’ geographical indications and product name of origin must be Greek.

Speaking to Greek television on Monday, Michalos said the issue of commercial and brand names and trademarks used by both Greek and neighboring countries’ products was crucial for the business community.

In the three years provided by the agreement to settle the issue of commercial and brand names, the Greek government must ensure that there is no deleterious change regarding the commercial naming of Greek products, including protected designation of origin (PDO) or protected geographical indication (PGI) products, Michalos noted.

The Greek side should also ensure that its northern neighbors did not copy strong Greek brands linked to the Greek province of Macedonia, he added.

Source: greekreporter