Zoe Konstantopoulou presents 6-month review of Greek Parliament (vid)

Greek Parliamentary Speaker Z. Konstantopoulou called for the findings of the Debt Truth Committee to be given the importance they deserve

Parliament President Zoe Konstantopoulou presented a review of the Greek Parliament’s work over the last six months during a press conference on Wednesday. Asked about the findings of the Debt Truth Committee, Konstantopoulou said that the findings of the commission “have not received adequate attention”. She added that “this does not mean we’ll do an autopsy.”

While she stated that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had expressed the government’s support in establishing the committee in a “genuine and sincere way”, he has yet to make use of the results of the committee. She stated that her obligation was to ensure and insist on the government exploitation of the results of the committee. “The obligation of every competent authority and body is to take this finding into account.”

Konstantopoulou also noted that a debate on the findings of the committee by the Greek Parliament plenary is still pending.