11-year-old boy killed by stray bullet!

Unbelievable tragedy!


An 11-year-old boy has lost his life during a school celebration. The pupil was outside with his friends when he suddenly fell down hitting his head hard on the ground.

Everybody thought he had fainted. However, the boy didn’t make it and died later on in the hospital at 11:30′.

But what left everyone in shock was that the coroner found a bullet in his skull!

Apparently, according to the available information so far, there was some celebration in a Roma camp near by at, and someone fired shots in the air and one of the bullets as it was falling down hit the boy.

The coroner explained that the doctors probably didn’t see the wound because it was under the boy’s hair and was also already clinically dead at the time of his arrival.

The police is investigating the case, and they already seem to have some information regarding the house from where the shots were fired.