Amazing Giannis Antetokounmpo hands out food to the needy in Athens incognito (photos)

He distributed large amounts of food at the Church of St. Meletios where he grew up

Giannis Antetokounmpo might be at the peak of his career, but the 2-time NBA MVP is not just adored for his athletic achievements. Fans around the world love him for the character he displays and his genuine, unadulterated demeanor.

The “Greek Freak” proved once again that he never forgets his roots, as he handed out food to the needy and less fortunate at the Church of St. Meletios at Sepolia in Athens yesterday, where he grew up.

The NBA star did not make his act of kindness public, as it only became known through a post on Facebook by a woman named Alexia Koziona.

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She uploaded a photo with Giannis commenting: “A while ago, Giannis distributed boxes of food in the church of Agios Meletios. Unbelievable amounts and without calling any camera. A true HUMAN BEING”.

Antetokoumpo, who is currently in Greece, had done the same after the floods in Karditsa, when, together with his brothers, he sent basic necessities to those affected by the weather front “Ianos”.