An entire Brazilian village supports a Greek football club! (photos)

It is from Crete

Maranguape is a municipality in Ceará, in northeast Brazil with a population of 127,098. It is part of the Fortaleza metropolitan area. So, what is so special about this area?

Here is an interesting piece of information that might grab your attention…Did you know there is an entire village in the area of Maranguape whose residents are die-hard supporters of Greek Superleague 2 football club Ergotelis? Yep, that’s right, Brazilian fans follow a second division team from Crete.

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How did this come about? It is the doing of Brazilian footballer Manoel Júnior, who had a stint in the Greek club and fell in love with the Mediterranean island and its people.

He suited up the whole village with Ergotelis attire and you can see the interesting sight of people walking around in a Greek club’s jerseys and other pieces of attire.

Silva Jr. played for nine years in Greece. The first six at Ergotelis, from 2006 to 2012, and then at Panetolikos and AEL.