“Black Lives Matter: Only When They Need Your Vote”, says young black woman (video)

Some pundits claim more African Americans are seeing through the narrative that the Democrats are using the Black voters only to take power

There is a perception among people outside the US that an overwhelming majority of African Americans are in favour of the ongoing protests and the unrest across the US after the murder of George Floyd. However, this assumptions falls far off the mark, as many blacks are in fact opposed to the violent protests and express their dissent to the narrative adopted and being promoted by the majority of the domestic legacy media in the US.

Most people, at least in the US, are aware of Candace Owens, an American conservative commentator and political activist who has repeatedly expressed her pro-Trump sentiments. She and many more are pushing back against the left-leaning media and Hollywood false narrative, as some pundits say.

A young African American woman has emerged amid the divide in the US who has called out the leftist group “Black Lives Matter”. “You Are Being Used!”, female conservative Samantha Mason @samanthamarika1 says in a post on Facebook in her effort to expose and fight back against the leftist narrative that the Democratic party cares about the black community.