Brief cold front ‘invades’ Greece

It will include a drop in temperatures and even snowfall in some areas

A new cold weather front is moving across Greece, with rains and sporadic thunderstorms occurring from Tuesday morning, mainly in the western parts of the country.

Meteorologist Costas Lagouvardos speaking to said that today’s bad weather will produce high levels of rain followed by a steep drop in temperatures from Tuesday night to Wednesday. As he said there will be a brief ‘cold invasion’.

Regarding the weather in Attica, there will be intense rain from today at noon and sleet in the north of Attica, from late at night.

Heavy snowfall is also expected in some areas, not only in the mountains but also in the plains of the central and mainly the northern parts of the country.

The main characteristics of the new cold phenomena are forecast to be snowfall, even in low altitude areas, strong local rains, and storms, a drop in temperature, and the stormy winds in the seas.