Charlie Hebdo vs Tayyip Erdogan: New funny cartoon front page targets the Turkish President

A new “cartoon war” has just begun

It was difficult for Tayyip Erdogan not to attract the attention of Charlie Hebdo, as what he has said in the recent days against Emmanuel Macron, could not go unnoticed.

Thus, in its new issue, the French satirical magazine presents the Turkish president, in an obscene cartoon, one of those who have established it in the minds of readers around the world.

In it, the Turkish president appears to lift the clothes of a Muslim woman and when he sees her naked buttocks, he exclaims “Oooh, the Prophet!”. In the front page caption, Charlie Hebdo writes: “Erdogan: in his private life he is very funny”.

Given the extreme insults that Erdogan used in recent days against Macron, because the French President in response to Islamic fanaticism gave permission for government buildings to be illuminated with religious sketches of Charlie Hebdo which depict Muhammad, Turkey’s reaction to the new front page of the satirical magazine is expected with interest.