Erdogan: Macron is a Nazi – Boycott French products

“Emmanuel Macron is responsible for attacks on Muslims, he needs to see a psychiatrist”

New extreme statements were made by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who declared an economic war against France, calling for a boycott of its products.

“Stop buying French products”, Erdogan called on Turkish citizens, while not failing to attack Emmanuel Macron again, saying he was responsible for attacks on Muslims, reiterating the need to see a psychiatrist.

“Muslim workplaces, homes and schools are being attacked by fascist groups almost every day. Never prefer French brands, never buy them. These attacks began with the encouragement of the French President, who needs a psychiatric examination”, said the Turkish President.

He added that “lawlessness against Muslims has become almost common in many Western countries that do not respect democracy for all. In some European countries, this policy is being promoted at the level of the head of state”.

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“Macron is a fascist and a real Nazi”

Coming back to Macron, Erdogan said he is a “real fascist, a Nazi in the true sense. Racist terrorism is spreading to society through the media and politics, often with the backs of the security forces”.

He also did not fail to attack the EU as well, saying that the European Council “can not ignore Islamophobia. Muslims can not remain silent and not respond to the suffering they are experiencing. I want to repeat the call I made the day before. Racism and Islamophobia is a psychosis that destroys the mental and conscious abilities of people, regardless of their duty and their position”.