Christian woman wearing Charlie Hebdo T-shirt stabbed in London central park (warning: graphic video)

She has escaped danger

A Christian apologist wearing a Charlie Hebdo T-shirt was stabbed at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon.

London police are searching for a man dressed in black who fled the scene after he was chased away by some bystanders.

The 39-year-old victim, named Hatun Tash, suffered a knife wound and can be seen in the videos posted on social media with blood pouring from her face.

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Speaker’s Corner is a space in Hyde Park, London where people gather to debate on a wide range of issues on a regular basis. It is considered the bastion of free speech, as no restrictive laws on speech are applied in the space.

Video footage shows a large group of people standing outside in torrential rain before the attacker lunged at the woman and stabbed her before she cowered and walked shakily away as the man ran in the opposite direction.

After initially standing up following the assault the woman collapses to the ground and can be seen clutching her right hand close to her body and with what appears to be blood at her temple as she is helped into a police van by officers who were nearby.

The Metropolitan police have not said whether there was a motive for the attack but video footage of the attack shows the woman was wearing a Charlie Hebdo T-shirt.

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