Daily Telegraph: An Ode to Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades (video)

The place where god Dionysus met fell in love with Ariadne, offering the island the divine gift of fertility

The international Daily Telegraph places Naxos at the top of the list of British travelers. “The soon-to-be green-listed island that should be top of your list“, says the travel editor, explaining in detail the reasons in an extensive article for the largest island of Cyclades.

The tranquility is bind harmoniously together with the idyllic natural environment of Naxos that reserves for the traveler many exciting surprises.

The long history, culture and endless mythology of Naxos is without a doubt the absolute comparative advantage of the island, according to the journalist.

The relationship of the inhabitants with the land and the local products they produce, give authenticity and uniqueness to the destination, while they fully document why the god Dionysus met and fell in love in Naxos with Ariadne, offering the island the divine gift of fertility!

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