“Diana: Case Solved”: Bombshell new interview casts “suspicious” shadow on Princess Diana’s death

Despite multiple requests over the years to share what he knows from that fateful night, this is the first time he opens up about what he knows

What really happened with Princess Diana? A newly-published book, featuring the first-ever interview with the man driving the white Fiat Uno that clipped Di’s car before her fatal 1997 car crash in Paris, claims to be “the definitive account and evidence that proves what really happened” 22 years ago.

In “Diana: Case Solved” by journalist Dylan Howard and former homicide cop Colin McLaren, out now via Skyhorse Publishing and Start Publishing, the co-authors sit down with Le Van Thanh for his first-ever interview on the subject, despite multiple requests over the years to share what he knows from that fateful night.

Below is an exclusive excerpt from the final chapter of “Diana: Case Solved,” available only on AOL.

“That’s why I let them think what they want.”

Of all the words spoken by Le Van Thanh during our confrontation with him, these are the ones that most haunt me personally.

Van Thanh knows he is a pawn. He knows that there are powerful forces capable of destroying his life. And he is not insane.

In this simple line quoted above, Le Van Thanh is telling us that he cannot do other than what he has done. He must allow the public to believe what they will, because the alternative is unthinkably dangerous.

Will he be killed for speaking the truth? Will his family? Will he find himself the victim of an “accident” just like Diana’s?

All of these are clear possibilities.

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