Die Welt: “Sink a Greek ship or shoot down a fighter” Erdogan asked his generals

His generals, though, turned down his ideas

“Sink a Greek ship or shoot down a fighter”, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan reportedly asked his generals, according to an article in the German newspaper Die Welt, signed by Istanbul-based correspondent Marion Sendker.

According to the report, citing Turkish military sources, a few days ago Erdogan allegedly asked his generals in Ankara to sink a Greek ship in the Eastern Mediterranean, with as few casualties as possible.

The Turkish generals seem to have reacted, with the Turkish president proposing the downing of a Greek fighter jet in such a way as for the Greek pilot to be saved.

Welt reports that Erdogan’s objective is to create a limited crisis with Greece, in order to turn it into negotiations on his own terms, something, however, that stopped before the reactions of his generals.

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In his report from Berlin today, the journalist of the OPEN TV station, Pantelis Valasopoulos, pointed out that: “For the newspaper Die Welt to know this and to cite Turkish military sources, it is very likely that the secret services of Germany, France and other European countries know the Turkish machinations. That is why we often hear in recent days that there is great concern in Europe about a serious incident. That is why there is a great mobilization of France that sends an aircraft carrier to the Eastern Mediterranean. That is why we see a turn of Germany against Turkey, which chooses to harden its stance. That is why we also saw the warnings about the sanctions. Everyone in Europe seems to know Erdogan’s crazy plans, they know that we are going to war, that we are one step ahead of the serious incident, because the Turkish president wants to support his rule in the years to come”.

The OPEN journalist finally reminded that the former correspondent of Die Welt in Turkey, Deniz Yucel, remained in Turkish prisons for almost a year, due to his revelations about Erdogan’s government.