Erdogan on US sanctions: “Open attack on Turkey”

“We will disappoint those who attack us now, as we did in the past”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his strong dissatisfaction on Wednesday afternoon, during the inauguration of a highway outside Ankara, on the occasion of the imposition of sanctions against Turkey by the USA.

“This is the first time that sanctions have been imposed on Turkey as a member of NATO. If sanctions are imposed on members of an alliance, then what kind of alliance is this?”, said among others the Turkish president.

Erdogan also spoke of an “open hostile attack against Turkey” and went on to say: “The United States do not allow the sale of their defense systems to us. So we turned to Russia to strengthen our defense system and the United States used the weapon of sanctions to thwart our needs. We are going through a period in which we have great power, we demonstrate unity and solidarity. We will disappoint those who attack us now, as we did in the past. They try to isolate us and drive us away with unilateral actions. The EU threatened us with sanctions, the US announced sanctions the day before yesterday. I say this clearly: since 2017, CAATSA sanctions have not been imposed by the US on any country. For the first time, sanctions are imposed on Turkey as a member of NATO. They want us to be dependent on them”, the Turkish president continued.

“We will work as hard as we can to make our defense industry independent in every way. This is not the first time that our country is in this situation. After the 1974 operation in Cyprus, the foundations of our current defense industry were laid”, Erdogan said.

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