Erdogan’s top adviser says Greece arming Aegean island is “Casus Belli” for Turkey (video)

He gave an interview with CNN Turk

Top-level security and foreign policy adviser to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, Mesut Haki Jasin said Greece arming its islands in the Aegean Sea was “Casus Belli” (a reason for war) in an interview on Turkish TV.

Speaking to CNN Turk, which regularly hosts him as an analyst on military and foreign policy matters and presenting his extreme positions, Jasin referred to the armaments program of the Greek Military noting that Turkey was closely monitoring the developments.

“They are buying weapons from Israel, America, France, Germany. They are buying heavy-duty torpedoes, but especially the ones they are getting from Israel are very dangerous,” said Erdogan’s adviser, reiterating not only Turkey’s firm stance on the demilitarisation of the Greek islands but also suggesting provocatively that these moves were a “cause of war” with Turkey.

He said: “They [Greece] say they do not recognise the Lausanne treaty and equip the islands. The islands are over-armed. Turkey has communicated this to the United Nations and that is the reason for war.”

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