Evia: Villages evacuated – Kechries in a fiery “siege” – Difficulties for the air means to operate (video)

Evia has been hit harder than any other part of Greece

The battle with the flames in Evia continues, with the first light of day.

At 7:30 in the morning, the evacuation of the village of Kechries, began, as the fire that has been burning since the day before yesterday, Tuesday, August 3, is now moving threateningly towards the village.

The police decided to proceed with the evacuation of the residents as the churches’ bells called for the evacuation of the village.

According to complaints the air means make reconnaissance flights, but due to the limited visibility, they do not drop water.

The 112 was also activated, as a message was sent to those in Kechries, Evia, to evacuate to Mantoudi.

Specifically, the message stated: “If you are in Kechries, Evia, evacuate now to Mantoudi. Forest fire in your area “.

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One front is moving from the villages of Kourkouli and Skepasti south to Kechries, while at the same time a new front is moving northeast to Kechries, but also south to Daphne. The main effort is to prevent the fire from reaching Mantoudi.

In the previous days, by order of the Hellenic Fire Brigade, the villages and settlements of Retsinolakkos, Kalamoudi, Chronia, Sepiada, Kourkouli, Skepasti, Damia, Osios David, Koulouros, Marouli, Rovies and Paleochori, Amelanes were evacuated. In most villages, after their evacuation, the flames passed through them.

According to the Hellenic Fire Brigade, the forest fire that broke out on August 3, in the area of Myrtia in the Municipality of Mantoudi is in full progress and 165 firefighters are operating with 57 vehicles, 3 airplanes and 3 helicopters of which 1 helicopter acts as a coordinator.

Assistance is provided by 82 firefighters from France, the Hellenic Coast Guard, the Hellenic Army with infantry units as well as water tankers and equipment from local authorities.