French President Macron speaks about the 1821 Greek Revolution (video)

The French President spoke to journalist Nikos Aliagas

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, spoke to state broadcaster ERT1 and Nikos Aliagas about the Greek-French relations, the Greek-Turkish relations, the Covid-19 the pandemic, his close contact with Greek culture, and, of course, the Bicentenary since of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

In the trailer of the show which will be aired today on the main news bulletin of ERT1, Mr. Macron explains how much he was affected by the ancient tragedies and notes that Greece 200 years ago inspired Europe and especially France.

Speaking about the issues with Turkey, but also the immigration, the French president noted that Greece must be helped in order to effectively protect its external borders.

Nikos Aliagas will be presenting the military parade on March 25 on ERT1.

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