French soldiers warn government of Islamist danger in country in open letter

The letter received over 150,000 signatures of support

French magazine Valeurs Actuelles, a right-wing news magazine, published a new article by French military personnel once again warning the French government on the subject of “survival of the country”, which has already collected more than 130,000 signatures.

The letter accuses the French government of “concessions” to Islam. “This is the survival of our country,” the letter said but did not disclose the soldiers’ names, according to French media.

The French government had condemned a similar letter published by retired generals late last month.

French Minister of Defence Florence Parly said at the time that they would be punished for violating a law banning military officials from expressing public views on religion and politics.

The authors of yesterday’s letter describe themselves as part of a younger generation of soldiers who have served in Afghanistan, Mali, and the Central African Republic, or who have been involved in domestic counterterrorism operations.

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