Grandad, 83, who allegedly repeatedly raped his grandchild arrested (video)

The young girl found the courage to report her ordeal after the #Metoo Greece movement

An 83-year-old man who was raping his 17-year-old granddaughter from the age of 9 was detained and taken before the Juvenile Protection Sub-Directorate on Monday in Athens.

The alleged rapist, a retired state bus OASA services employee of, reportedly repeatedly sexually molested his granddaughter from the age of 9, with the young girl keeping her ordeal secret for fear of being shamed.

The last sexual advance against her took place in 2017 when the girl was 13 years old. The teenager reacted and since then she served all ties with her relative. The young girl said she was encouraged to come forward and break her silence after seeing and listening to what was going on on TV with the Greek #metoo. She finally mustered the courage to report her abuse to the police of the Juveniles of Attica Security.

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She initially confessed her horrific experience to a relative and then to her parents, as a result of which they filed a complaint to the police, and the elderly man was arrested on Friday and taken to the prosecutor.

Today, shortly after 12, he is expected to cross the threshold of the Investigator. another was locked for 30 days due to recurrence.