Greece: New relaxation of Covid restrictions: Music & extended opening hours from Saturday

What scientists will suggest

Another step towards easing the Covid-19 restrictions seems to be proposed by the scientists, who are meeting today.

The agenda of the meeting includes music in the restaurant, the opening hours and relevant details regarding religious ceremonies, such as weddings.

Taking all the latest data from the pandemic numbers, the situation in the National Health System and the course of the vaccination, the infectious disease specialists will submit their report to the government and then the relevant announcements will be made.

According to the information thus far, staring from next weekend the music will be allowed thus allowing the smoother operation of these stores.

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At the same time, the curfew is expected to be extended by one hour, with the ban starting at 01:30′ instead of the current 12:30′.

At the same time, the possibility is open for a new meeting within a month where the complete abolition of the curfew will be decided with the most probable date being July 1st.